Sweet Springs High School

Athletic Hall of Fame By Laws

  1. Purpose-The purpose of the Sweet Springs High School Athletic Hall of Fame is to provide lasting recognition and honor to individuals who demonstrate athletic excellence, outstanding support or dedicated service to the athletic programs of Sweet Springs High School.

    1. To recognize and honor athletes, teams, coaches, teachers, administrators, boosters or fans who have brought fame and recognition to SSHS.

    2. To establish in the hearts of our youth a motivating influence to excel in athletics.

    3. To foster pride, promote good sportsmanship, scholarship, and citizenship in our school and community.

    4. To recognize and promote the rich and storied tradition of SSHS.

  2. Initial Committee

    1. Initial Hall of Fame Committee will be appointed by the SSR7 Alumni Association Board of Directors and consist of former and current SSHS athletes, coaches, administrators, alumni, boosters and community supporters. Following a vote by the Initial Committee to accept these bylaws as the governing constitution of this appointed body, the Hall of Fame Committee will serve as the sole authority empowered to govern all projects, programs and actions of the SSHS Athletic Hall of Fame.  A concerted effort will be made to include committee members who represent a cross section of eras, sports and genders. The voting committee shall consist of:

      1. Superintendent or representative

      2. Board of Education member

      3. Principal or representative

      4. Athletic Director

      5. Current SSHS Head Coaches (3 maximum)

      6. Up to 15 At-Large members (community, alumni, past teachers/coaches, etc.)

      7. Booster Club President

      8. SSR7 Alumni Association Board of Directors Representatives (minimum of 2)

      9. Once the committee has organized and held the initial meeting a Chairperson and Secretary shall be elected by majority vote at the first official meeting of the Hall of Fame Committee. Annual elections for these offices shall take place at the first meeting of each new induction year.

    2. Advisory Committee All inducted members of the SSHS Athletic Hall of Fame will become members of the Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee members will be invited to all Hall of Fame Committee meetings and have voting privileges for Hall of Fame Candidates only. All inducted members of the Hall of Fame will be invited back each year to the Annual SSR7 Alumni Association Banquet to take part in the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Homecoming Activities 

  3. Subcommittees

    1. Screening/Selection of Nominees Subcommittee for the Hall of Fame To be composed of the Athletic Director and members of the Hall of Fame Committee designated by the Committee Chairperson. This committee will research and present to the Hall of Fame Committee a list of potential inductees along with their bios and other pertinent information by the Mid-March meeting (see timeline). Appointment Subcommittee Hall of Fame Committee vacancies will be filled by the Appointment Subcommittee; a subcommittee consisting of the Hall of Fame Committee Chairperson and Secretary and the SSR7 Alumni Association Board of Directors or any others selected at the discretion of the Hall of Fame Committee Chairperson.  Additional Subcommittees to be created, when necessary, at the discretion of the Hall of Fame Committee Chairperson.

  4. Terms of the Hall of Fame Committee Member

    1. Unlimited

    2. Committee members may be removed by 2/3 vote of active membership.

    3. Vacancies to be filled by Appointment Subcommittee.

  5. Nomination Procedure

    1. A. Advertisement will be prepared and placed in newspaper and SSR7 Alumni Association annual newsletter. Forms will be made available online at http://sweetsprings.k12.mo.u

    2. Candidates and/or teams nominations must be submitted on official nomination form and mailed to PO Box 4 Sweet Springs, MO 65351 or given to the Athletic Director

    3. Nominations are due on February 1st of the calendar year of induction.

    4. Any nominee not selected will automatically go into active file to be considered the following year.

    5. Nominee becomes inactive after 5 consecutive years. Nominees can become active again after nomination is resubmitted in succeeding years.

  6. Voting

    1. The members of the SSHS Athletic Hall of Fame Committee shall operate under the principle of one member, one ballot. Recognizing that the schedule of the members may not always allow them to attend the meetings in person to vote on critical issues, members may vote absentee providing their ballots have been received by the Chairperson twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled meeting. A member may not vote for induction of candidate(s) if member is related in the following ways:

      1. Voting member is a candidate for membership in the Hall of Fame.

      2. Candidate for membership is a member of the immediate family (parent, sibling, child or spouse).

      3. Hall of Fame Committee member must be in good standing

      4. Past SSHS Hall of Fame inductees

      5. A quorum, including absentee ballots, will be needed at all meetings in which votes are taken. A quorum is defined as ½ of the voting membership plus one.

      6. While the SSR7 Alumni Association may have in excess of two members on the committee it is understood that there will only be two voted delegates from the Board

  7. Balloting

    1. Ballots shall be designated by numbers 1 thru 24 with each committee member give a ballot at random. As ballots are turned in to the Chairperson they will be tallied and it will be known the votes that each judge placed.

      1. Hall of Fame Committee member 1 voted for Nominees A, B, I

      2. Hall of Fame Committee member 2 voted for Nominees C, E, F

        1. First Round of Voting

          1. Each committee member will vote for ten (10) of the total number of people nominated.

          2. The top ten (10) candidates will then move on to the second round of voting.

        2. Second Round Voting

          1. From the list of nominees, each committee member will then vote for up to five (5) nominees. The nominees receiving two thirds majority vote, which is available for that candidate, will then be the class inducted for that year.

        3. Tie in Voting

          1. In case of a tie there will be a third ballot with the committee membership voting for only one (1) of those nominees who are tied.

  8. Criteria

    1. Candidates must be outstanding, leaving no question as to individuals inclusion in Hall of Fame.

    2. Although selection will be based primarily on the athletic accomplishments of the student/athlete while they were at SSHS, post-graduation achievements may be taken into consideration.

    3. Deceased contributors to SSHS athletics are also eligible to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

    4. Candidates will be broken into the following categories for induction in the Hall of Fame

      1. Athlete

        1. Must be a SSR7 high school graduate

        2. Must have 5 year waiting period after graduation to be considered

        3. Must have e arned at least two varsity letters

      2. Coach

        1. Waiting period of 5 years after leaving SSR7

        2. Outstanding contributions during tenure at SSR7

      3. Administrators/Teachers

        1. Waiting period of 5 years after leaving SSR7

        2. Outstanding contributions during tenure at SSR7

      4. Boosters/Fans

        1. Those who have given meritorious service or have been a loyal friend to the athletic program with a minimum of five years of service.

    5. Number of Inductees

      1. Classes shall be comprised of no more than five (5) inductees or teams per year

  9. Timeline

    1. Nominations are due by February 1st of the calendar year of induction

    2. Mid March Screening Subcommittee is appointed at Hall of Fame Committee meeting

    3. First week of April Screening Subcommittee meeting

    4. Early May Vote and submit final results to SSR7 Alumni Association Board of Directors.

    5. Summer Meet as necessary to prepare for induction and announce in the Alumn Newsletter.

    6. Homecoming Game Half time recognition of Hall of Fame class

    7. Presentation of Hall of Fame Class at the Annual SSR7 Alumni Association Banquet.

  10. Announcements and Presentations

    1. Appropriate plaque for recipient and display of Hall of Fame in school will be presented by committee at the annual SSR7 Alumni Association Banquet.

    2. All prospective inductees shall be notified of his/her selection by the Chairperson of the HOF

    3. Committee via formal communication specifying the date and time of the induction ceremony (and other Homecoming events).

  11. Funding

    1. The SSR7 Alumni Association will be responsible for funding the expenses of the Hall of Fame. All expenses must be pre-approved by the SSR7 Alumni Board of Directors.

  12. Amending the Bylaws

    1. The Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the Hall of Fame Committee.

Sweet Springs High School

Athletic Hall of Fame

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