Committee Members

The SSHS Athletic Hall of Fame Committee members are dedicated to providing the history of the SSHS Athletic Department with honorary recognition.


They strive to give attention to those who have contributed to the athletic department in an honorary way.

Kris Conley, Sweet Springs High School Coach

Adam Dohrman, President & Alumni Association President

Tom Fenner, Alumni Association Representative

Josh Hume, Sweet Springs High School Principal

Alicia Jones, Sweet Springs High School Coach

Brent Niemeyer, Sweet Springs High School Coach

Christina Phillips, Booster Club President

Lori Price, Sweet Springs High School Superintendent

Darla Reid, School Board Representative

Tim Smith, Sweet Springs High School Athletic Director

Lyn Heermann - At-Large Member

Donna Scott-Heermann, Secretary

At-Large Member

Wendall Keesaer, At-Large Member

Connie Kreisel, At-Large Member

Joe Mitchell, At-Large Member

Jerry Reid, At-Large Member

Loretta Rennison, At-Large Member

Carrie Scott, At-Large Member

Cindi Sims, At-Large Member

Chris Sipe, At-Large Member

Kathleen Tyler, At-Large Member

Don Vogelsmeier, At-Large Member

Duane Vogelsmeier, At-Large Member

Dick Vogt, At-Large Member


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"We are HERE to MAKE sure that all athletes who made an impact on the history of our school athletic programs name will be recognized!" - Anonymous