Nomination Inductees

2008 brought us a new and exciting program in Sweet Springs athletics..the Sweet Springs High School Athletic Hall of Fame.

The following are the individual athletes, coaches, teams or outstanding contributors who have been inducted:

2008 -- Maury John, Russell Gilmore, Coach Ray Wilson and the 1985 football team

2009 -- Jon Heermann, Coach John Johnson, Randy Luebbert and the 2003 girls 4x100 track relay team

2010 -- Caleb Dohrman, Robert Wheeler and Darrin Woodall

2011 -- Shelley Rennison and the 2004 girls 4x100 track relay team

2012 -- Jim Luetjen and Outstanding Contributor Don Vogelsmeier

2013 -- Bob Brown, Andrew Kueker, Coach Joe Mitchell, Tim Smith and Outstanding Contributor Dr. Paul Roberts

2014 -- Jerry Reid

2015 -- Dick Vogt and the 1959-60 basketball team

2016 -- Jennifer (Keesaer) Allen, 1971 football team and Outstanding Contributor Derl Bernard

2017 -- Roger Davenport, Adam Dohrman, 

2018 -- Wendall Keesaer, John Dohrman, 1940-41 Boys Basketball Team

Think about who you know that deserves to be a part of this elite group in Sweet Springs High School athletic history. The Athletic Hall of Fame committee, comprised of 24 people of various ages, genders and backgrounds -- who have long admired Sweet Springs High School athletics -- are asking for your input.

You may submit a nomination each year, no later than February 1, in one of the following ways:

  • Go to the school website at; under Quick Links on the right side of the screen, click on "Athletic Hall of Fame" and print out one or more forms. Fill out the form(s) completely and email or mail in for the committee's review at PO Box 4, Sweet Springs, MO 65351.

  • Pick up a form at the Sweet Springs High School office to submit.  Email your nomination form to


The twelfth class of the Sweet Springs High School Athletic Hall of Fame will be inducted during Homecoming Weekend 2019.

Be part of honoring those who are worthy of Hall of Fame status in Sweet Springs High School athletics.

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Athletic Hall of Fame

"We are HERE to MAKE sure that all athletes who made an impact on the history of our school athletic programs name will be recognized!" - Anonymous