After 78 years, the 1940-41 boys basketball team still holds the school history record for most wins in a season – 23 -- while only losing 2 games.  They were 8-0 in the La-Saline Conference on their way to the conference championship.  The team’s only losses were by 5 points to College High and by 1 point to Oak Grove.  The team also won the Alma Tournament and placed 3rd in the Concordia Tournament.


Following are the members of the 1940-41 Greyhound boys basketball team and their grade level during their SSHS record-holding season:


  • Clarence Heermann       Senior

  • Rudy Krause,                   Senior

  • Jack Laird                        Senior

  • Bill McDaniel                   Sophomore

  • David Parsons                 Junior

  • Lester Pinkepank            Senior

  • Elwood Scott                   Senior

  • Russell Thomas               Junior

  • Kenneth Williams             Junior

  • Charles Worley                Senior

  • John Young                      Senior

The 5 starters.

Back row, left to right:

Lester Pinkepank, Coach Ray Wilson, Clarence Heermann

Front, left to right:

Rudy Krause, David Parsons, John Young

1940-41 Boys Basketball Team

Sweet Springs High School

Athletic Hall of Fame

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