1971 Football Team

Front Row, left to right – David Eckhoff, Steve Eckhoff, Dick Vogt, Eugene “Beanie” Eckhoff, Ted Moore, Jeff Brockman, Joe D. Messer, Mark Scott


Second Row, left to right – Robert Wheeler, Larry Marcum, Mike Staples, Kim Heermann, James Harms, Mark Krause, Alan Bernard, Russ Thomas, Marc Meador, David Divine


Third Row, left to right – Mike Welch, Steve Mueller, Russell Hall, Steve Krause, Steve Giffen, Jon Heermann, Lee Nienheuser, Greg Steinkuhler, Paul King, Rick Arnold


Back Row, left to right – Jim Forsyth, Manager; Dan Ripple, Joe Mitchell & John Johnson, Coaches; David Aulgur and Carl Colson, Managers


Not pictured:  Athletes Ron Dittmer and Carl Wiley; Coach Larry Hieronymus


SSHS football began in the fall of 1968 and until the 1971 season, no team had won more than two games in any one year.  The ’71 Hounds lost to Santa Fe in the I-70 Conference opener, but then went on to post a 9-1 record on the season.  Six of the nine victories were “blowouts” and basically over by halftime.  The highlight of the season was defeating Warrensburg’s College High Colts who came into the game with a #5 state ranking in 1A football.  SSHS quickly replaced College High as #5 in the 1A state football rankings following the game.  The Hounds won at home 20-12.  But College High participated in the state football playoffs in the fall of ’71 due to a numerical rating system that ranked them higher than Sweet Springs; the Colts had more points determined by a won-loss record for non-conference opponents.  SSHS was the best 1A team in the state not to make the 1971 playoffs – however, that football season was the one that put the Hounds on the state football “map.”

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