James Luetjen 1946-1950

Jim Luetjen played softball for the Greyhounds and led the basketball team to three straight winning seasons as well as three tournament championships.  Moberly Junior College was next up where Jim was an All-American, starring for his second Greyhound team.  After two years at Moberly, Jim went on to play basketball for the University of Missouri Tigers where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education, a Masters in Athletic Administration and eventually a doctorate in Education.  Following college, Jim was a teacher/coach at Moberly High School for 6 years.  He then began a 27-year stint at Central Methodist University where he served as a professor and chair of the Education and Physical Education departments and was Director of Athletics for the Eagles.  In 1988, CMU established the Dr. James Luetjen Scholar Athlete Award for a third-year varsity athlete with the highest GPA.  The Luetjen Golf Tournament began in 1991 to honor Jim who is a professor emeritus at Central Methodist.

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