Tim Smith 1987-1991

As a 3-time All-Conference and 1-time All-District basketball player at SSHS, Tim Smith scored 30 points or more 8 times, 40 points or more 6 times and 50 points or more once in his high school career recording 51 points against rival Santa Fe in his senior season.  He was the school’s all-time scoring leader from 1991-96.  Tim’s name appears 37 times on the top 20 list of Greyhound basketball records.  As an athlete at SSHS, Tim also played 4 years of baseball and 1 year of football.  He went on to play basketball for the Missouri Valley Vikings from 1991-95 graduating with a B.S. in Physical Education.  Tim has also achieved a Master in Education degree from William Woods.  Since his high school graduation, Tim has continued to be an important part of Greyhound athletics, serving as a coach in a variety of sports including basketball, football, track and softball.  In the fall of 2013, Tim begins his first season as Athletic Director for the Hounds.

Sweet Springs High School

Athletic Hall of Fame

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